Universal Smart EV charger

Keep your EV charged safely with maximum power in any country in the World using adapters kit and software adjustments
CHRGET effectively charges any model of electric vehicle (EV). Its intelligent system is analyzing the parameters of both EV and the local grid, dynamically adjusting the optimal charging power. The rich kit of 32 adapters allows you to keep your EV safely charged in 200 countries in the World. The mobile app provides remote monitoring and control.

Stay safe and independent while traveling. Keep social distancing, use CHRGET to charge your EV from any, even poor power sources in remote places.

Dynamically adjusts any EV charging power to the local grid parameters
Adapters Kit
Includes 32 adapters to charge your EV in 200 countries
Max Power
Compatible with US Level 2 (12 kW) and EU Mode (22 kW) standarts
Overheat protection, current leakage control, PIN, child-proof lock on the plug
Stationary Socket
Moisture-resistant wall-mounted holder combines up to 22 kW socket and cable holder with plug
Mobile App
Use the cloud database and additional features from CHRGET smartphone App
Protected against icing, remains intact even if run down with a car
Convenient Bag
Stores all the accessories you need to charge your EV
32 Plug Adapters for sockets in more than 200 countries in the world
The rich adapters kit includes 32 adapters, making CHRGET compatible with any socket in 200 countries. Each adapter reports data on the carrying capacity of the socket it is plugged in. CHRGET works with all existing power grid parameters, such as 80-400V and 50-60Hz.

You don't need to bring a cable to charge from a public charging station. With the Type-2 adapter, you already have a smart cable, which you can control in your mobile app
Self-Adjusting Charger
CHRGET is an intelligent charger that defines electrical grid parameters testing the home power system for the safe voltage and applies it to the latest database of all existing EV, including yours. It also uses geolocation for the pre-setup of regional grid parameters. Just plug it in any socket. Guaranteed charging from any, even poor power source.
Defining grid parameters using geolocation
Testing the home wiring and selecting a safe current
Constant monitoring of power grid status
The future of the mobile chargers!
Anti-Theft Contro - PIN protection
You can activate the alarm in CHRGET mobile app to protect your cable from being stolen while charging. By doing so, you will be sure that:

  1. The charger cannot be operated manually.
  2. The alarm will go on in case of power failure, when CHRGET is removed from the socket, or if the plug is pulled out of the car.
  3. The stolen charger cannot be used, as it only can be unblocked from your phone.

Shock- and Vandalproof Plug
Ergonomic case with rubber elements protects the device when it falls. The rubber button is protected against icing. Shockresistant charger enclosure and plug. There is a lock on the plug for protect of removing the cable
We paid great attention to the shape of the body, which combines the smallest size possible with maximum charging power in the alternating current charging.It's easy in use: change plug adapters with just one move. Ergonomic enclosure with rubber inserts to protect against falling
Artificial Intelligence
Adaptive Power Management System. Testing the quality of the wiring and the cross-section of wires in the house and and setting the consumption of the machine, corresponding to the quality of the local wiring. Adjustment to Your EV (Charger included database of all EVs with their specs)

Stationary Socket
Moisture-resistant wall-mounted socket combines a 22kW power source and charger holder with a plug, allowing you to charge your EV in the garage or at home. Made of acid-resistance stainless steel, it is great for outdoor use as well.
Convenient Bag
A bag for your car with everything necessary to charge it: CHRGET, adapters kit, gloves, cloth to wipe the charger if it rained.
The future of the mobile chargers
We propose you uncompromised implementation of the universal mobile charger.
Temperature control inside the station, because we control the temperature of the relays and inside the cable. We also control DC and AC leakage. To prevent an unauthorized vehicle from being connected to the charger, a PIN prompt can be configured.
Max Power - Powerfull wherever you charge

CHRGET charges your EV with maximum power in Level-2 50A (12kW) standard for US and Mode-2 3x32A (22kW)standard for EU and other countries.

max 22kW 3x32A
max. 12kW 50A
Switchable grounding monitor
Charger must be grounded. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. The charger is equipped with a cord with an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. As an option for the charging in the extreme environment you are able to deactivate grounding monitor to finish the charge.
chRget Introduction
Video from chRget developers
CHRGET configuration options and detailed information about the previous charging processes can be displayed using a Mobile Application. You can control all your family's chRgets via mobile phone and limit home combined consumption

CHRGET has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmitter, thanks to which you can remotely control EV charging through the app. Mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Select your EV model to download more precise charging settings for your car and connected grid.
Alexa Support
Control your CHRGET with Alexa or google home
Family support
Charging two or more EV in the CHRGET Family with limited total capacity
CHRGET Mobile App
Remote monitoring
Timer and delayed start
About our Team
From 2014 til 2019, 5 years our team participated in the most difficult and interesting Electric Marathon with finish in Monte-Carlo, led by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Consulate General of the Principality of Monaco in Estonia.
We were able to demonstrate their high level of professionalism all the way from approximately five thousand kilometers without a single failure and providing approximately 1000+ charging cycles for the electric vehicles involved. Knowing all the problems that occur when charging an EV in extreme environment and with limited power source, we have created the Universal Smart EV Charger that can charge any EV anywhere in the world.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make best chargers in the world
Vlad Rodin
Founder, Author of Idea, Design Engineer
Artem Kolomoiets
Chief Product Engineer
Leonid Oliynyk
Lead Product Engineer
Eugene Buzovskyi
Lead Software Engineer
Denis Galamaga
Lead body Engineer
Ellina Romanova
Technical Writer
Tech specs
chRget Evolution
Initial Idea
February 2019
The first prototype
May - December 2019
Testing and Adjustment
February 2020
Finalization of Main Adapters
June 2020
Kickstarter Compaign
July - August 2020
Preparation for Mass Production
October 2020
Mass Product Testing
November 2020
Start of Mass Production
Dec. 2020 - Jan 2021
Shipment to you!
From first design in 2018 to fully functional prototype and ready for mass production in 2020
Project history

Since 2015, we have been providing technical support for the annual Electric Marathon race in Monaco. Observing the same problems each time when an EV needed to be charged in difficult weather conditions and with limited power, we created CHRGET—a universal charger. The main difficulty, which took us quite some time to solve, was creating a universal body shape that—together with adapters—could be inserted into sockets of all geometric types available on the market.

The main difficulty, which took us quite some time to solve, was creating a universal body shape that—together with adapters—could be inserted into sockets of all geometric types available on the market.

Another major challenge that we have successfully resolved was transferring high power from the adapter to the charger's body without heating, while keeping the small size of the device.

Lastly, we improved the LED indication for better visual understanding of charging status, and added the geolocation feature.
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